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Absorption Chiller

16 DN

16DN015~066 cooling capacity :528kw-2321kw

Key Features:

  • Enhanced part load design and energy efficient operation.

  • Automatic multiple protection from crystallization.

  • The cooling water temperature may be as low as 15°C without crystallization risk.

  • Automatic regulation of solution concentration without any manual control valve.

  • Carrier patented automatic injector purge system.

  • ICVC control system with more advanced features.

  • Direct fired chiller/heater specific burner for better unit control.

  • Remote monitoring and bi-directional communication with reassuring effect.

  • Applicable to all kinds of fuels,such as light oil,heavy fuel oil,city gas and natural gas.

  • Guarantee of quality by Carrier advanced equipment and workmanship.

  • Integrating refrigeration and heating into one for any special requirement,please contact us.

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"On may 27th, 2013 our air conditioner stopped. We called Unimech Systems to diagnose the problem.

They found a bad coil and had no freon instantly they have repaired.

I think everyone locally should know about this company and how they went the extra mile to insure their customer received quality care.

Again it is great to know we have good people running companies to service us.

This is why they have a good company and are very successful."

>> Mr.Ram - Chennai