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Solutions for Building Automation and Energy Savings

Today, buildings and building automation systems are critical assets of any business. And no one knows that better than us. Our systems deliver workplace comfort and energy savings by controlling HVAC, lighting, central plant and critical processes. Our software integrates environmental, energy, security and safety systems into powerful management tools. And our web-based technology provides building managers with global access to building performance information – any place at any time.


Automated Logic (ALC) has been the system of choice for HVAC applications of all types, many times going beyond the conventional to address the unconventional controls application.

These same qualities make ALC the system to use when there is something unique to accomplish.

  • A prominent testing lab uses ALC in place of a well known fume hood manufacturer's controls
  • A tropical fish breeder uses ALC to simulate for his fish the sunrise/sunset from their native waters,
  • A high-tech company chooses ALC for underfloor conditioning rather than a prepackaged, inflexible alternative

As the central point of control, it is logical for the building automation system to incorporate and assume control of other building systems. Having dealt with over 100 different manufacturers, Automated Logic is the leader in third party integration.

  • Lighting Control – One of the major systems that makes sense to integrate is lighting, and WebCTRL is often used to better manage the large energy consumption associated with it. From simple office fluorescents to complex, multi-sequence arena show lighting, ALC is in control.
  • Metering – Building utilities should be metered and monitored. If the information is not in the automation system, effective management of utility costs cannot happen. Today, metering for all types of utilities can be easily integrated to provide the ultimate in understanding, reporting and accountability. Our powerful Automated Demand Reduction (ADR) function provides for immediate response, allowing cost savings by automatically reducing load in high demand conditions.

Data Centers, noted for their mandatory uptime and critical control, depend on Automated Logic to control everything from mission critical switchgear and cooling to power quality metering and emergency generators.

When you combine the power of Automated Logic products with the ingenuity of our field offices, your building control and energy management options are virtually unlimited.

Field Hardware

Automated Logic was an early adopter of the ASHRAE BACnet® protocol. Our controllers utilize the industry communication standard to deliver fast, powerful, and fully distributed control, which allows complete independence from any other system devices (i.e. central computer, master panel) in order to provide proper sequencing and trend gathering. This makes our system extremely robust. ALC has never subscribed to the "all eggs in one basket" or the "single point of failure" philosophy utilized by many in our industry that use a master building controller/multiple slave controller architecture. Our controllers have the intelligence where it's needed.

Ultimately, controllers are networked to make a system, delivering high speed response when you need it. The nature of our network using BACnet over Ethernet and ARCNET provides the highest speeds and responsiveness in the industry. The values to you: 1) no limits on the amount of trending you want to do, and 2) notification within seconds of any system activity.

EIKON®-LogicBuilder Graphic Programming

If you know controls and systems, you know our programming.

Our object oriented EIKON-LogicBuilder tool provides complete flexibility for any custom sequence you need. Whether you want to use set point calculations in a tricky sequence, or assemble the logic to manage a complex thermal storage plant, the flexibility is there.

Is your sequence a "one-off?" Play what-ifs to your heart's content with our simulation feature that allows you to take a sequence from start to finish, ensuring confidence and buy-in before its field application.

A popular aspect of our system with building engineers is the live, visual display of control logic, which uses real time operational data. This is an invaluable tool for optimizing or troubleshooting your system operations.

Flexible scheduling

Recognized as the greatest opportunity to save energy, scheduling has to be intuitive and easy. The alternative is high energy bills and no control.

With the flexibility we deliver, a single schedule entry can:

  • Shut down a district full of schools on a snow day on short notice
  • Handle a season's worth of football games by grouping control of event related equipment (field lighting, HVAC, EF's, door locks, parking lights)

Your opportunity to manage your energy costs is directly related to the scheduling tool that you have, and Automated Logic has proven for years that we deliver.

It's as easy to create a schedule for an entire campus as it is for a single room. Holidays, multi-level lighting, group schedules? No problem. No matter what your scheduling need is, we have you covered.

Load-based equipment control

Traditional control systems schedule primary equipment, no matter what conditions exist in the space being served. That means that many times, equipment runs unnecessarily, wasting energy.

The Automated Logic approach is to recognize occupied conditions in your building, and only bring on necessary equipment and provide conditioning for as long as those conditions exist. How does that work? For example:

  • R&D is working on Saturday and needs air conditioning in the lab and the conference room. Rather than scheduling the building or a floor, you simply schedule those rooms to be occupied on Saturday, and let the system do the rest. When the rooms need cooling,a request will be sent to the air handler telling it to start. If the air handler in turn needs chilled water, it sends a request to the chiller. If the weather makes a surprising change and the rooms need heat instead of cooling , the request will be sent to the boiler, allowing the chiller plant to turn off.
  • Think of the load in the building as the "customer." With this application, the customer is in charge and the equipment is controlled by the customer's schedule and conditioning needs, rather than forcing the customer to adapt to a preset schedule and set points of the equipment.
Energy Management

The Automated Logic WebCTRL system is ideally suited for energy management in all types of building control applications.

For more information, visit our Energy Savings and Sustainable Operations section which is dedicated to our extensive capabilities in that area.

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