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The Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) architecture is the most advanced technology to evolve from Carrier's through knowledge of both comfort and control. CCN addresses a wide range of comfort, operational, air quality and energy management objectives by allowing separate pieces of Carrier HVAC equipment ,non carrier equipment and related building systems to work in harmony. The Carrier comfort Network's seamless architecture integrates reliable DDC control technology with high quality HVAC equipment to deliver maximum operating efficiency and precise comfort levels. whether it is a single facility, or it is a complete system.

Whether it is a single facility or it is a complete system , whether it is a retail shop, or it is a comprehensive commercial center,Carrier offers an economically sound and efficient soution to create the most comfortable and energy saving indoor environment.

With every generation,Carrier Corporation has consistently led the industry, not only in HVAC equipments advances, but also in development of standalone and networked controls that optimized the performance of our world class HVAC systems. Today our premier control system, The Carrier Comfort Network(CCN) is operating reliably in thousands of locations around the world.

  • Chillervisior System Manager (CSM): centralized control and management of several chillers automatic switch on/off of chillers for operation balancing optimizing carrier chiller's efficiency.
  • Comfort Controller 6400: Genral purpose controller :These fileds installed,general purpose controllers enable noncarrier products or pre CCN equipment to communicate with CCN.comfort controllers are ideal for networking cooling towers boilers and pumps.
  • ComfortView: CCN user interface : Graphic operation realizes the convenience of building control management system.
  • CCN Web: Web Access Module with 1E or LAN or P2P ,CCN can be accessed from anywhere.

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