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Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Screw Chiller (30XA0452 ~ 1502)

30XA0452 ~ 1502 Cooling Capacity : 451-1521 KW

Key Features:
  • Environmentally sound refrigerant HFC134a.
  • New high efficiency semi-hermetic twin screw compressor.
  • Mutiple refrigerant circuits and multiple compressor design improve part load efficiency.
  • Electronic expansion valve precisely control refrigerant flow and improve unit efficiency.
  • Advance economizer circulation raises cooling capacity by 10%.
  • Carrier patented 4t generation"Flying Bird"fan is super quiet.
  • MCHX technology first used in HVAC industry.
  • Flooded evaporator is easy for cleaning.
  • V shape condenser reaches best compromise among efficiency noise and dimension.
  • User friendly pro-dialogue plus control.

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