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Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller (30 RB)

30RB192 ~ 802 Cooling Capacity : 193-753 KW

Key Features:
  • The Latest global launched air-cooled chiller using HFC410A refrigerant.
  • New high efficiency scroll compressor ensures quiet and reliable operation.
  • The fourth generation of carrier patented "Flying Bird" fan makes the chiller operation quieter.
  • Auto-adaptive Pro-Dialog plus control system combines intelligence with operating simplicity.
  • Electronic expansion value (EXV) allows operation at a lower condensing pressure (cooling efficiency optimization).
  • Unit-integratted hydronic module option, including all the necessary elements for its operation, such as water pump, filter, safety value, expansion tank, gauge air vent,electronic flow switch and water flow control value, makes the installation easier and faster.
  • Other option:100% partial heat recovery, DX free Cooling, winter operation (0~ -20o C), Brine,J-Bus / Bac Net/ Lon Talk gateway,etc.

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller (30 RA)

30RA040A~160A Cooling Capacity : 39.4~157 KW

Key Features:
  • High efficient scroll compressor with only three moving parts ensures quiet and reliable operation.
  • The first aircooled chiller specially optimized for R 470C ensures high efficiency and environment friendly.
  • Zeotropic refrigerant with brazed counter flow plate heat exchangers ensures no compromise on performance..
  • The second generation of carrier patented "Flying Bird " fan with two speed motor makes the chiller operation quieter.
  • Unit-integrated hydraulic module,including all the necessary elements for its operation,such as waterpump,filter,safety valve,expansion tank,guage,air vent ,flow switch and flow regulator makes the installation of unit easier and faster.
  • Wide operation envelope : from 10°c to 46°c.
  • Dual pump and high head pump optional.

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