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Water Cooled Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller(23 XRV)

Key Features:

  • Industry First – Worlds First variable speed w/c Screw Chiller.

  • Industry Best efficiencies – Full and Part Load Efficiencies are superior to Twin Rotor Screw technology.

  • Compressor – Next generation Tri rotor Screw Compressor.

  • Requires Less oil to Lubricate rotors.

  • Vastly Reduces Bearing Loads.

  • Reduced Losses has enormous Influence on Efficiencies.

  • No slide valve – Less Moving Parts. High Reliability.

  • ASME Class Heat Exchangers – Designed to withstand pressure 3 times greater than the vessel's relief pressure.

  • Carrier Latest Liquiflo 2 VFD with inbuilt harmonic filter.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Range (30HXCH)

30HXCH130A~375A(R134a) Cooling Capacity : 449 ~ 1300kw

Key Features:

  • Environment friendly by using refrigerant HFC -134a.

  • Reliable and durable design with the latest semi-hermetic screw compressor.

  • Flooded heat exchanger with enhanced heat transfer tubes for high heat transfer efficiency.

  • Built-in two-stage oil separator in condenser for better separation effect.

  • Electronic expansion valve ensures good part load efficiency.

  • Easy and reliable operation and maintenance by dual circuit design for 30HXC chiller.

  • Easy operation by powerful PRO-DIALOG control.

  • Compact design ensure passing through standard door frame.

  • Latest noise reduction box for effectively reducing noise.

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"On may 27th, 2013 our air conditioner stopped. We called Unimech Systems to diagnose the problem.

They found a bad coil and had no freon instantly they have repaired.

I think everyone locally should know about this company and how they went the extra mile to insure their customer received quality care.

Again it is great to know we have good people running companies to service us.

This is why they have a good company and are very successful."

>> Mr.Ram - Chennai